Episode 30: Minecraft VIPs Only


It’s 2019 and we are BACK to mispronouncing words, diving into regional Colombian folk music patterns, breaking down pop culture references in rap songs, getting overly excited about PC Music, confirming that your faves are in fact problematic.. Basically all the things you’ve come to know and love. Featuring Hellogoodbye, Anamanaguchi, Lindsay Lowend, Kenny Man & Sebastian Yatra, Lizzo, Rudimental, 21 Savage, Abhi the Nomad, NewAgeMuzik, SOAK, Dorian Electra, Ravenna Golden, umru, Idris Elba. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 29: Tell Your Friend Veronica It's the Season 1 Finale!


We cover a lot of albums we said we would cover*, Snoop Dogg shows love to his extended family, J is deemed most "adventurous" and listens to songs from "1966," and M stans Adam Sandler no she does not but it's in the episode summary so it's too late now. Featuring Hayley Kiyoko, SZA, onlytom, Earl Sweatshirt, adam&steve, Cautious Clay, onlytom, lil aaron. (Playlist linked here)

*and they are all pretty heavy - The 1975 covers addiction, Earl Sweatshirt deep dive invites our friends Debpression and Hankxiety into the conversation from 26:30 to 32:19, and Meek Mill unfortunately touches on rape culture & queerphobia :(

Episode 28: Despacito As Well


In this episode, we tactfully procrastinate on many many albums, Black Thought rhymes everything with everything, M recaps Meek Mill’s journey to Championships, Elvis Crespo follows up on whether he was besado suavemente, and J fangirls over Cashmere Cat. Also featuring John Mayer, Alessia Cara, JID, Winnetka Bowling League & RAC, Big K.R.I.T, KEY, Maite Hontelé, umru. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 27: When I'm In The Dark, Can't See


In this LA-based pre-Thanksgiving episode, Anderson .Paak makes a wonderful album about the Oxnard Strawberry Festival, 88GLAM’s doors are butterflutted, M rants about Thanksgiving #classic, J shouts out a variety of trans artists and rants about performative allyship #alsoclassic, and Hannah Diamond reports that her album Reflections is coming soon #alsoalsoclassic (we still love u tho). Featuring VanJess, Left At London, Mariah Carey, Tyler The Creator, Leikeli47, Girlpool, Fresh Hex, LIZ. (Playlist linked here)

ALsOOo for the APUSH nerds out there, yeah Jamestown was a permanent colony but they literally turned to cannibalism when they didn't have Indigenous help..... #savages.

Episode 26: Rebranding As A Podcast About Only Old SoundCloud Vibes


We've finally done it, we're starting over anew as a podcast that talks about only African diasporic music and 2013-2016 SoundCloud. You're welcome. Other things that happen: Daylight Savings Time ends and makes us all (nope, just M) really emo, 21 Savage whispers sweet nothings directly into our ears, J mixes up Riff Raff and Vanilla Ice but like don't we all sometimes, and M mispronounces "Lagos." It's LAY-gos people. Learn from our mistakes. Featuring Tunji Ige, Radiohead, King Princess, Saba, Mr Eazi, Shagabond, Aya Nakamura, Lucky Daye, Hayden James, Samuraii & Loote, Maisie Peters. (Playlist linked here)

J's addendum: "I swear the Think loop is fULLYYYY in that Mr Eazi song it's the 'yeah!' part and it happens at 9 seconds in straight up and a bunch of times after that!!!" (ooooookkkkkkk -M)

Episode 25: The Chill-Hype Dichotomy


We start the par-dee with ~spo0oky~ Halloween vibes, J is somehow too young for Boy Meets World references but old enough for Space Jam references, Cardi B makes a delicious omelette, M wants Alex Aiono’s wardrobe, and we relive the Mashup Era (™). Also we're off next week :)! Featuring Madeon & Mark Foster, MIA & Robokid & Alt-OK, GAWVI, KWAYE, NAO (hitting that all-caps game harder than ever), Smino, Onlytom, Louis The Child, Joji, Promnite. (Playlist linked here)

M's addendum: "Don't know how I got through a discussion of Madeon without talking about Technicolor (since it literally had morse code at the end of it #deepconcepts) or his like signature fun epic sound blasts but I added it to the playlist because that song is legit iconique. Anyways you may now continue on with your day"

Other stuff:

Episode 24: Nuts Like Some Cashews


Lil Yachty is a Virgo to the Nth degree, M has a That's So Raven Moment (not to be confused with a Raven-Symone moment), Juice WRLD & Future almonst spend their money on Snickers, Tennyson remixes The Lion King's I Just Can't Wait To Be King. Alternate episode title: "Cold, Slimy" per J's request. Featuring Swindail, Naji, Sachi, Cherokee & Gibbz, Open Mike Eagle, Empress Of, MØ, BKBeats, Novo Amor, Khalid. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 23: We Actually End In A Reasonable Amount Of Time


In this concise, digestible episode, J shows off their SAT vocab skills, M breaks the fundamental format of the podcast, J Balvin has his memory wiped, and Lloyd (yes, that Lloyd) yodels. Featuring Wave Racer, DZZ, Harrison, Ella Mai, Bad Bunny & Drake, Lando Chill, Hi Tom. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 22: This One's Gonna Be A Genuine Thrillah


On this episode, the Mo Bamba producers get 5's on the AP Music Theory exam, Logic and Lil Wayne emerge from the oven, J gets ready for Halloween, Jaden Smith feels like he's Goku, and M contributes a weird amount of teen pop #90skidsremember #90-90-9. CARE WARNING (during Lil Wayne): guns, self harm, depression. Starts at 49:20, ends at 54:14. Featuring QUITAPENAS, Guy Akimoto, Griffin McElroy, Kelela, Ghostface Killah, Jack & Jack, Kim Petras, Tofubeats, Kero Kero Bonito, boy pablo. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 21: We're So 3000 And Late


M & J fulfill their promise to see Smallfoot on opening weekend (happy birthday, J!), a new policy on albums is implemented, M lauds Lil Wayne while conveniently forgetting his ill-conceived rock album, The Knocks release an album that is so 3008, and J’s deep cut Soundcloud skills come to the forefront of Duke Dumont’s new single. Featuring Ryan Playground, Nezi Momodu, RALPH, Riton & Kah-Lo, Mark Redito, Common as Stonekeeper. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 20: This Is The Drivel You Love


In this episode, Zendaya Is Meechee and Lebron James is Gwangi. That's really all you need to know. But also, BROCKHAMPTON and Ryan Hemsworth release albums, Lupe Fiasco releases a rapped-through work of afrofuturism, and the dream team (Gallant, Sufjan, and Rebecca Sugar, obviously) come through for a new single. Featuring Starrah, Charli XCX, Japanese Wallpaper, Nao, Gabriel Gundacker (the genius behind Zendaya as Meechee). (Playlist linked here)

Episode 19: Albumgeddon III: Stay With Me San Francisco


In this episode, we cannot stop with the albums and we did our best to keep the rambling short (and the playlist so, so, so long). M & J recap a couple concerts, Mariah Carey says goodbye to the hauntingly beautiful robot world she created, M roasts David Guetta, and J provides some mid-week inspiration in the first track and some much-needed optimism in the back track. Featuring Mac Miller, Jess Glynn & Le Youth, jstlbby, Grandmaster Flash, SOPHIE, Love Sadkid, Kiddo & Decco, Tkay Maidza, Masego, Uniiqu3 & TT The Artist, Wale & J Cole, XYLØ, Major Lazer, Noname, 6lack, Innanet James, David Guetta/Jack Black, Ieuan. (Playlist linked here)

Rest In Peace Mac Miller, 1992-2018. We miss you.

Episode 18: Your Kacheek Is Dying


In this [short] episode of Backtrack, M changes a tire (like, not figuratively), Eminem pulls a reverse Offset :(, Mitski’s twin sister makes an appearance, and J reactivates their Minecraft account. Also, this happened after we recorded and we’re off next week so we can’t cover it in a ~timely fashion~ but everyone really needs to read this crazy thread about Drake and Kim and Kanye because it is wild... Featuring No Rome, John Splithoff, Troye Sivan, Eminem, Jerry Folk, and Elsie Fisher (kind of). (Playlist linked here)

Episode 17: Eat More Tomatoes


We recap the VMGays, and review a shocking amount of albums for a soft Albumgeddon 2.0. J tricks M into believing that "pestulence" is a real word (it's pestilence), Blood Orange makes us both cry, Disclosure release their new remix of Mr. Santa, and M accidentally does a segment on the hyphy movement off the dome. Featuring Ozuna, Bacilos, Brasstracks, Bas, R3hab, Blood Orange, Life Of Dillon, UNIIQU3, and E-40. Yes, all of those artists released albums or EPs. Yes, we attempt to discuss all of them. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 16: Slime All Your Friends Out


Doja Cat provides the perfect intro except a few days too early, The 1975 keeps us on our toos, our android friend Miquela releases new music with Baauer, Missy Elliot chews on fresh grapes, J gets derailed by a previously undiscovered remix, and M finally gets to listen to her favorite artist’s new album. Featuring Porter Robinson, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Aminé, Young Thug, Sarah Reeves, Mitski. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 15: Lamb Talk Lamborghini


M dishes out some pop music trivia, J listens to Wizkid on repeat, and together they make their way through a very long Nicki Minaj album. Also, shout out to Chace for putting out new music just 4 days after M requested it! This episode is brought to you by Grey Poupon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and "Night Driving" Playlists. Featuring 3 Monkeyzz, Lontalius, R.LUM.R, Quavo, Ash, Tobi Lou. (Playlist linked here)


  1. Bad and Boujee but it's just woo (except oops its offset not quavo)*
  2. Finally an answer to what "bananas and avocados" means
  3. Eminem BET Awards Freestyle Cypher 2017
  4. Let's go to the beach each
  5. StarRo - House Party
  6. Tennyson - TOMATOLAND 2016
  7. Kanye West - Bound 2 (The Rooftop Boys Remix)
  8. Robotaki - Raton Laveur
  9. 3 Monkeyzz - Keep My Light
  10. The Get Down Cover of I'll Keep My Light in My Window (video)

*everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days

Episode 14: That Other DJ He A Bozo


Travelin' Pain stars as himself on We Bare Bears, J is still salty about a Halloween party from October 2017, Travis Scott re-establishes himself as more than a Kardashian partner, and M & J fanboi over A-Trak and Terry Todd. Featuring Chace, Yellowclaw, Cazzette, The High,  A-Trak, A-Trak's Brother In Chromeo, Mac Miller, No Rome, Mura Masa, Silk City. (Playlist linked here)

Other stuff we talked about:

  1. We Bare Bears T-Pain promo
  2. Gallant on We Bare Bears
  3. Patchrik
  5. A-Trak 1997 DMC World Champion Set

Episode 13: Wait! We Was Just Hangin'


M conquers the Think loop, Lil Wayne doesn't make the callbacks for the 2018 re-release of I'm The One, Lil Yachty announces the blockbuster smash of the summer, Denzel Curry pays homage to Schnitzel, and J gets sassy about The Chainsmoker's Sick Boy.

Featuring Towkio, Lido, Saira Kariya, DJ Khaled, Mac Miller, Airynore. (Playlist linked here)

Songs not on Spotify:

  1. Intro
  2. Enchanted - J. Cole
  3. Heart & Soul
  4. Lil Yachty Teen Titans Music VIdeo
  5. Catchin' Villains
  6. Catchin' VIllains (Hikeii Remix)
  7. Heaven Only Knows - Towkio

Episode 12: Go Best Friend! Go Best Friend!


On this episode of Backtrack, M & J prove the Theory of Zedd, announce a few singles, review a few albums, and that’s it. Oh, and then they spend 25 full minutes breaking down Ciara’s Level Up, Jersey Club samples, and one particularly iconic Baltimore Club sample that M spectacularly fails at identifying. M also plays some bluegrass… ish… stuff. It's real good though.

Featuring Masego, Mars Today, Wave Racer, Zedd, Diplo AKA Random White Dude Be Everywhere, DJ Telly Tellz, UNIIQU3, DRAM, and Lyn Collins. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 11: Benny Blanco Fancast, Episode 1


Well we thought it was a weekend update but the music industry moves in Friday waves, so its really just a full-length episode. Benny Blanco (RESTON, VA RESIDENT #NOVA #BORNANDRAISED) steps into the spotlight after having co- written/produced every major hit for the last decade, M tries and fails to pronounce Nigerian names, J talks about walk cycles, and M and J argue about Baauer's signature style while deeply and visibly struggling to use their fancy new sound equipment #fireinthebooth. And Harlem Shake happens, just going to warn you up front about that one.

Featuring Rudimental, Pyramid, edIT, Jaden Smith, Taylor Bennett, Benny Blanco, Dirty Projectors, Vory, Baauer. (Playlist linked here)