Episode 12: Go Best Friend! Go Best Friend!


On this episode of Backtrack, M & J prove the Theory of Zedd, announce a few singles, review a few albums, and that’s it. Oh, and then they spend 25 full minutes breaking down Ciara’s Level Up, Jersey Club samples, and one particularly iconic Baltimore Club sample that M spectacularly fails at identifying. M also plays some bluegrass… ish… stuff. It's real good though.

Featuring Masego, Mars Today, Wave Racer, Zedd, Diplo AKA Random White Dude Be Everywhere, DJ Telly Tellz, UNIIQU3, DRAM, and Lyn Collins. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 11: Benny Blanco Fancast, Episode 1


Well we thought it was a weekend update but the music industry moves in Friday waves, so its really just a full-length episode. Benny Blanco (RESTON, VA RESIDENT #NOVA #BORNANDRAISED) steps into the spotlight after having co- written/produced every major hit for the last decade, M tries and fails to pronounce Nigerian names, J talks about walk cycles, and M and J argue about Baauer's signature style while deeply and visibly struggling to use their fancy new sound equipment #fireinthebooth. And Harlem Shake happens, just going to warn you up front about that one.

Featuring Rudimental, Pyramid, edIT, Jaden Smith, Taylor Bennett, Benny Blanco, Dirty Projectors, Vory, Baauer. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 10: It (was) my BRRRRRRRRRRA


Drake was silent for a month, then released a 2 disc album. Drake is trendy, so we decided to do the same thing - we took a week off and then released a 90 minute episode. In that week, a lot happened. The music industry now only allows releases of either double singles or fatty albums, Mark Morrison sings different words than the lyrics to Return Of The Mack, Brockhampton returns with a new single featuring what you think are all your 90s faves but it's actually just them sounding like your 90s faves, M breaks down intricacies of Paulina Rubio's discography with the painstaking detail of a conspiracy theorist, and Niall Horan lends his voice to a star-studded Oscar shoe-in.

Featuring Paulina Rubio, Hi Tom, WDSTK, Lontalius, Drake and Channing Tatum (Playlist linked here)

Episode 9: Jack My Swag


In this episode of Backtrack, M & J have no intro whatsoever but they do finally get somewhat caught up with most of the releases*: Beyoncé collabs with Blue and some guy she keeps giving pity-features to, Yellowclaw collabs with acclaimed film score composer John Williams, Teyana Taylor collabs with your local Laser Tag joint, Cosmo's Midnight twins collab with each other, and swim good now collabs with literally everyone. Also, in a glorious return to form, we each have a backtrack this week, and they really speak to who we are as music listeners.

Featuring The Carters, Cosmo's Midnight, Commonminds, No Rome, Oh Wonder, Sophia Grace, and for the last time for at least one week, Kanye West. (Playlist linked here)

*until next week

Songs mentioned that aren't on Spotify:

  1. Need / Want - Ana-tole x Jonah Christian
  2. Ain't Coming Back - No Rome
  3. You - zI존
  4. Tomatoland - Tennyson
  5. Best Friends (Young Luxenberg Club Edit) - Sophia Grace
  6. Best Friends (Y2K Remix) - Sophia Grace
  7. My Jeans - Jenna Rose

Episode 8: Albumgeddon, For All The Nas and SOPHIE Fans Out There


In this episode of Backtrack, M & J are overwhelmed with albums - Kanye produces old-timey saloon music with Nas*, Chromeo releases White Women 2.0 and M confirms that she is still into bass slides and vocoders, J turns a SOPHIE album review into a SOPHIE album close listen, and somewhere in there, M rants about the Cash Me Outside girl. This episode is brought to you by Spam and Havaianas.

Featuring Ariana Grande, Whethan, Oh Wonder, Chromeo, The-Dream, Nas, Kanye, SOPHIE, Breakbot. (Playlist linked here)

*Nas, talented and smart rapper, violent and abusive partner, generally absent father, low-key anti-vaxxer. When Ur Faves R Trash.

Episode 7: Sending Good Memes Yeah You Really Come Through


On this episode of Backtrack, another album associated with Kanye West comes out and M doesn't know what any of the tracks are called, J reveals that the only songs they listen to come from a single hour-long mix released in 2015, M ruins a song for J live on the air, and a lot of slow and beautiful piano happens at the end, probably to make up for the garbage J played at the beginning. We also changed around the format to absorb our new tracks into the music news... Hopefully that doesn't throw off any of our many many listeners.

Featuring Kids See Ghosts, Lily Allen, Parks Burton, Pusher, Hi Tom, Luv Ocean, Inodi. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 6: None of Us Would Be Here Without Sprite Tropic Berry & McDonalds


In this episode of Backtrack, KYLE follows up his debut album with a highly anticipated new ~collaboration~, Kanye West releases an album and we break it down in all of its somewhat lackluster simplicity, J retaliates against all the Kanye with a full blown deep dive into PC Music live rips, M attempts to condense an entire genre of Brazilian music through one MC Kevinho song, a Yellowclaw song and a Major Lazer song... And it's also Pride month. Ace from Gangreen Gang also makes an appearance. Yes, the one from Powerpuff Girls.

Featuring Ieuan, Yellowclaw, Major Lazer, Syre, Kendra Dias, Noah Yoo (Testudo, CAFUNÉ). (Playlist linked here)

Episode 5: El Episodio de Reggaetón


En este episodio de Backtrack, anunciamos cuatro (CUÉNTALOS, CUATRO) álbumes de reggaetón. Should we come up with our own reggaeton tags? Let us know. Other things that come up - J's secret affinity for Guy Fieri, Drake's fragile emotional state (especially after this TKO by Pusha T), PC music subreddit threads, and everyone's favorite MySpace profile theme song (J might be too young for that though).

Featuring EASYFUN, Iiris, Riton, Kah-Lo, Passion Pit, Hannah Diamond, a variety of reggaeton artists. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 4: Bella Thurrrrrne


In this episode of Backtrack, we discuss the circumstances under which you can release a song called B*TCH I'M [MY NAME] - it's just if you're Madonna. That's it. 

In other news, KYLE has a new album that we literally cannot stop talking about even when we think we've wrapped it up, a ton of reggaeton came out that J doesn't let M talk about, J explains jersey club better than the Wikipedia article, and our dad proves once again to be the true hipster among us.

Featuring KYLE, Disclosure, Brenmar, Clean Bandit, Jack Ü, Noah Slee. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 3: Sometimes I Just Wanna Talk About "Girls" by Rita Ora


On Episode 3 of Backtrack, a good amount of time is spent talking about albums that M & J haven't even finished listening to because they're so long. Other things that happen - Dad and J get lit at a Giraffage/Qrion concert, VSB gets a shoutout, Girls by Rita Ora gets a candid breakdown hours after it’s unleashed onto the queer community, M & J definitely almost pee their pants, and 2013 Sean Paul is declared the bleeding edge of pop music by J while M reluctantly stands by and lets it happen. This episode is brought to you by Rhymezone dot com, Offset's rap-writing tool of choice.

Featuring Alex Metric, Bad Sounds, Rita Ora, Cardi B, Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX, Made In Heights, Sean Paul. (Playlist linked here)

Episode 2: "It sounds like an Epic Quentin Tarantino Halloween Western Rave"


On this second episode of Backtrack, we break what little format we had. Not super promising. M also confidently states that Major Lazer and Sean Paul have never collaborated, which... isn't close to true. We added their multiple collaborations to the companion playlist so that it's abundantly clear that that's not the case. Look, we never claimed we were authorities on this stuff.

Also featuring Janelle Monáe's gratuitous use of halftime breakdowns, Post Malone's cartoonish smile, Janet Jackson, bo en, Pnau, X Ambassadors, & The Knocks. (Playlist linked here)



Welcome to our pilot episode of Backtrack, where siblings M and J chill in a Honda Civic and play fun tunes for each other while struggling to describe them using words other than 'lit', 'sick', and 'classic.' Let us know if you love it, or let us know if you hate it, it's ok we can take it (M can't). 

The basic idea is that we recap some of the week's music news, and at some point we each have a new-ish track and an old-ish track to talk about more in depth. Essentially, instead of constantly texting each other about songs we want the other to listen to, we force each other to listen to them and then record the whole thing. 

Featuring Full Crate, In The Blue Shirt (linked because it's not on Spotify), Ryan Hemsworth (again, not on Spotify), and Avicii (RIP Avicii, 1989-2018). (Playlist linked here)