Episode 10: It (was) my BRRRRRRRRRRA


Drake was silent for a month, then released a 2 disc album. Drake is trendy, so we decided to do the same thing - we took a week off and then released a 90 minute episode. In that week, a lot happened. The music industry now only allows releases of either double singles or fatty albums, Mark Morrison sings different words than the lyrics to Return Of The Mack, Brockhampton returns with a new single featuring what you think are all your 90s faves but it's actually just them sounding like your 90s faves, M breaks down intricacies of Paulina Rubio's discography with the painstaking detail of a conspiracy theorist, and Niall Horan lends his voice to a star-studded Oscar shoe-in.

Featuring Paulina Rubio, Hi Tom, WDSTK, Lontalius, Drake and Channing Tatum (Playlist linked here)