Episode 25: The Chill-Hype Dichotomy


We start the par-dee with ~spo0oky~ Halloween vibes, J is somehow too young for Boy Meets World references but old enough for Space Jam references, Cardi B makes a delicious omelette, M wants Alex Aiono’s wardrobe, and we relive the Mashup Era (™). Also we're off next week :)! Featuring Madeon & Mark Foster, MIA & Robokid & Alt-OK, GAWVI, KWAYE, NAO (hitting that all-caps game harder than ever), Smino, Onlytom, Louis The Child, Joji, Promnite. (Playlist linked here)

M's addendum: "Don't know how I got through a discussion of Madeon without talking about Technicolor (since it literally had morse code at the end of it #deepconcepts) or his like signature fun epic sound blasts but I added it to the playlist because that song is legit iconique. Anyways you may now continue on with your day"

Other stuff: