Episode 26: Rebranding As A Podcast About Only Old SoundCloud Vibes


We've finally done it, we're starting over anew as a podcast that talks about only African diasporic music and 2013-2016 SoundCloud. You're welcome. Other things that happen: Daylight Savings Time ends and makes us all (nope, just M) really emo, 21 Savage whispers sweet nothings directly into our ears, J mixes up Riff Raff and Vanilla Ice but like don't we all sometimes, and M mispronounces "Lagos." It's LAY-gos people. Learn from our mistakes. Featuring Tunji Ige, Radiohead, King Princess, Saba, Mr Eazi, Shagabond, Aya Nakamura, Lucky Daye, Hayden James, Samuraii & Loote, Maisie Peters. (Playlist linked here)

J's addendum: "I swear the Think loop is fULLYYYY in that Mr Eazi song it's the 'yeah!' part and it happens at 9 seconds in straight up and a bunch of times after that!!!" (ooooookkkkkkk -M)