Episode 27: When I'm In The Dark, Can't See


In this LA-based pre-Thanksgiving episode, Anderson .Paak makes a wonderful album about the Oxnard Strawberry Festival, 88GLAM’s doors are butterflutted, M rants about Thanksgiving #classic, J shouts out a variety of trans artists and rants about performative allyship #alsoclassic, and Hannah Diamond reports that her album Reflections is coming soon #alsoalsoclassic (we still love u tho). Featuring VanJess, Left At London, Mariah Carey, Tyler The Creator, Leikeli47, Girlpool, Fresh Hex, LIZ. (Playlist linked here)

ALsOOo for the APUSH nerds out there, yeah Jamestown was a permanent colony but they literally turned to cannibalism when they didn't have Indigenous help..... #savages.