Episode 29: Tell Your Friend Veronica It's the Season 1 Finale!


We cover a lot of albums we said we would cover*, Snoop Dogg shows love to his extended family, J is deemed most "adventurous" and listens to songs from "1966," and M stans Adam Sandler no she does not but it's in the episode summary so it's too late now. Featuring Hayley Kiyoko, SZA, onlytom, Earl Sweatshirt, adam&steve, Cautious Clay, onlytom, lil aaron. (Playlist linked here)

*and they are all pretty heavy - The 1975 covers addiction, Earl Sweatshirt deep dive invites our friends Debpression and Hankxiety into the conversation from 26:30 to 32:19, and Meek Mill unfortunately touches on rape culture & queerphobia :(