Episode 8: Albumgeddon, For All The Nas and SOPHIE Fans Out There


In this episode of Backtrack, M & J are overwhelmed with albums - Kanye produces old-timey saloon music with Nas*, Chromeo releases White Women 2.0 and M confirms that she is still into bass slides and vocoders, J turns a SOPHIE album review into a SOPHIE album close listen, and somewhere in there, M rants about the Cash Me Outside girl. This episode is brought to you by Spam and Havaianas.

Featuring Ariana Grande, Whethan, Oh Wonder, Chromeo, The-Dream, Nas, Kanye, SOPHIE, Breakbot. (Playlist linked here)

*Nas, talented and smart rapper, violent and abusive partner, generally absent father, low-key anti-vaxxer. When Ur Faves R Trash.