Episode 9: Jack My Swag


In this episode of Backtrack, M & J have no intro whatsoever but they do finally get somewhat caught up with most of the releases*: Beyoncé collabs with Blue and some guy she keeps giving pity-features to, Yellowclaw collabs with acclaimed film score composer John Williams, Teyana Taylor collabs with your local Laser Tag joint, Cosmo's Midnight twins collab with each other, and swim good now collabs with literally everyone. Also, in a glorious return to form, we each have a backtrack this week, and they really speak to who we are as music listeners.

Featuring The Carters, Cosmo's Midnight, Commonminds, No Rome, Oh Wonder, Sophia Grace, and for the last time for at least one week, Kanye West. (Playlist linked here)

*until next week

Songs mentioned that aren't on Spotify:

  1. Need / Want - Ana-tole x Jonah Christian
  2. Ain't Coming Back - No Rome
  3. You - zI존
  4. Tomatoland - Tennyson
  5. Best Friends (Young Luxenberg Club Edit) - Sophia Grace
  6. Best Friends (Y2K Remix) - Sophia Grace
  7. My Jeans - Jenna Rose